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Pampered Paws is operated by John Curmak a long-time animal lover and rescuer.

About Pampered Paws

About Us

What we stand for

We strive for the best! We don’t charge more for it, we just do what’s needed and requested the best we can every time, on time.

We only use the best equipment and the highest quality (all-natural products no chemicals) shampoos and conditioners. We take pride in our work and you will see the difference.

Our groomers are highly trained and provide the best grooming experience for our precious furry family members.
We love what we do and it shows!
We will pamper your pet and make them feel at home.
We happily take care of any special needs that your pet may have.
We don't just groom, we truly care.

John Curmak

Fellow dog and cat enthusiasts my name is jOhn and I am active animal rescuer and certified groomer.


I care about your pet very much and I will ensure my groomers do the same. I am certified and have been grooming dogs and cats for some time. Pampered Paws is not new to San Diego anymore and neither are our groomers.

We specialize in dog and cat grooming. Yes, we groom cats! We love cats! We rescue them weekly with help of our feline friends at The Feral Cat Coalition for over 15 years. “I know cats, have cats, and lOve them very much!” Says owner John with great passion,

Owner and head groomer john has rescued hundreds of cats, dogs, birds, and even rabbits. Sometimes it’s very difficult and it takes multiple sessions to groom a cat, or a dog with behavioral issues, properly especially when they’re extremely matted it takes an experienced loving grOOmer with a big heart to be able to manage that special little kitty or dog. “I can humbly and proudly say I am one of those.

As good as we are with cats we may be even better with dogs! “Taking care of animals is what we do best!” We know how much you care about your little ones and we think you will see our love fur them too.

All breeds. Elderly and Disabled dogs or cats. Pets with Joint and Hip problems. De-Sheds, Specialty Haircuts, Puppy Cuts, Dye Jobs, Nails, Ears, Teeth, Sanitary Trims, Expression of Anal Glands, Flea Treatment, and much more. We only use the best equipment and the highest quality (all natural products no chemicals) shampoos and conditioners. We take pride in our work and you will see the difference.

One of the main reasons we decided to start Pampered Paws is because we saw a need in this business for cat grooming, and specialty care for handicap and elderly dogs. Many pet groomers will tell you we don’t groom cats and we prefer not to groom animals that are disabled. Our belief is that those are the animals that need us the most!

Whether your dog or cat, rabbit or bird, are in good condition (or in bad shape) we will always give our heart and soul to helping you and your loved ones.

Take a look at what some of our customers have been saying about Pampered Paws on yelp, or here are on our website and schedule your appointment today using our quick and very simple online booking system.



I absolutely love Grooming!

Let’s get your little one ready for their date
Fabulous, marvelous that’s what I do fur you
What are you waiting for?
Call us at (828) 295-PAWS (7297)

REVIEWSOur Furry Friends Say

REVIEWSOur Friends Say

Carrie was absolutely amazing with my senior beagle!!

He was happy to get on her truck. Not nervous at all and came out GORGEOUS!!!! I never un a million years could have gotten the shedding under control without her !!! I seriously wish there was a higher rating than 5 stars. Thank you Carrie and?John?!!!!

Suzanne N.
Santee, CA

Dell Cerro, San Diego, CA
(858) 295-PAWS (7297)
Monnday - Friday: 8am - 4pm & Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 4pm