Our Prices

It's all about the lOve at Pampered Paws.

Our Prices

Please call John to get an accurate quote.

Pampered Paws takes pride our grooming process. We are very thorough we give your pet everything we see needed including lots and lots of lOve.

Our Full Groom Spa Package Includes:


Ask about our “Multi-Pet” discounts. And please see our Grooming Cycle.

Call jOhn 858-295-PAWS (7297) to get an accurate quote.

Pets are given a thorough, deep-cleaning shampoo and conditioner and massage using two different systems. A Hydrosurge system, Our Super Sudser combined with our AromaCare or Show Season De-Shed Shampoo and Conditioners will loosen any loose hair with a gentle massaging effect.
Our PrimaBath system is a very high-end power washing system which really stands above the rest. Some companies simply mix their formulas in bottles. We DO NOT! We have only the most expensive, best products so we believe our systems must have the best applications available. You get what you pay for with Pampered Paws!
Most of our products are scented but we have a wide variety of non-scented hypoallergenic based formulas so please let us know if your puppy, elderly dog, or cat requires special formulas. We do not charge extra for different shampoos or conditioners.
All bows, ties and bandanas are free of charge and are provided at every visit unless instructed not to.
Cat Grooming
$124 – $154
Short and medium hair domestic kitties all breeds. Long hair Persian, Main Coons and domestic etc. Shave-downs and Speciality Cuts $134 – $154.
SMALL (under 20 lbs)
$99 – $134
Bichon Frise, Dachshund, Shih-tzu, Toy Poodle, Maltese, Short-Legged Terriers, Pomeranian etc.
MEDIUM (20 – 40 lbs)
$134 – $154
English Cocker, American Cocker, Miniature Poodle, Cockapoo, Long-Legged Terriers, Schnauzer, Shetland, Sheepdog etc.
LARGE (over 40lbs)
$144 – $174
Golden Retriever, Portuguese Water Dog, Springer Spaniel, Setter, Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland, Akita etc.
$124 – $134
Boxer, short hair Rottweiler, Dalmatian, and other smooth coated dogs of Large Breed.
DOODLES & POODLES (40lbs and up)
$134 – $174
Doodles of any size or age that are matted will always be charged $164 for one hour and $64 for each additional half hour.
*De-matting: $35/additional per 15-minute interval. Must be kept on a 6-week schedule or less.
*Doodles kept with long hair must be on a 1-3 week schedule and be maintained in between with proper brushing or pricing will increase.
*Mixed breeds are charged the average of the two rates. If your breed resembles a poodle or a doodle these prices apply.
$99 and up
Many a first time puppy grooming will just be a bath, a light trim of the face, feet, and tail, and nail clipping. They will not look perfect, but it is far more important at this stage for them to have a pleasant experience than to get the ideal haircut. A bad experience as a puppy can take a long time to overcome. We offer special pricing for your puppy so that you can get him groomed as early and as often as possible initially. Rates start at $99 and depends on breed and size.
$134 and up
All animals shed. Of course different animals shed differently. Some short haired dogs can shed an amazing amount of hair, especially if they are “double coated“ breeds with an undercoat. Some dogs, such as Poodles, hardly seem to shed at all when properly groomed. Twice a year or so, most animals go through their seasonal shedding, and then the problems can get worse for a while. This is also known, among dogs, as “blowing the coat.“ De-shedding treatments start at $134 and go up depending on breed, coat, and size.
+ $35 / 15 min
Add $35 per 15-minute interval if de-matting takes longer than normal brush out. Saving a coat is normally not recommended because of the stress it causes your pet. We must charged accordingly if you require this.
$134 – $154
Such as Lion Cuts or Dino Cuts may require more than one groomer or more than one visit. The minimum charge for one groomer is $134 – 154 for a small dog or cat.

If your pet requires multiple groomers or additional time you will may be charged an additional 20% for up the first hour and an additional rate per hour thereafter may be charged at an additional rate of $48.40 per half hour. It is up to the groomers discretion.
*Prices Vary
We also offer a variety of special shampoos. All our professional grooming shampoos are Bio-Degradable, Eco-Friendly and Natural. Flea treatment additional $14.00 all sizes. We look forward to meeting and developing a great relationship with you and your pet!

Please Call John

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