Matted Pets

What is a matt
Tangled hair. Often caused by neglect and health issues.

Matted Pets

What is a matt?
Tangled hair. Often caused by neglect and health issues.

How do I know if my pet is matted? If you can’t get a brush or comb through it is most likely matted.

I don’t know how badly my pet is matted. Any matting is bad matting.

It’s very painful and unconformable and will cause your pet to have behavioral issues as well sometimes.

Any size matt is a bad matt and there is no such thing as just a little matted.

Matted pets require a different level of care and often require two groomers. Matted pets are in pain, and as a result, often lash out at the person trying to remove the tangled hair. Often when removing matts there are lines or wounds where the matts were.

Matted cats and dogs require much more intense grooming and costs more as a result.

Pampered Paws will work with you to help educate how to maintain a coat and setup pre-booked appointments to prevent your pet from becoming matted again and keep costs down.

Please see our matted pet prices on our Prices page.
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