"PET FIRST POLICY"The highest standards of care


"PET FIRST POLICY"The highest standards of care

Every dog and cat requires unique individual care. Therefore, there are many variables to take into consideration.
For example:
A fully matted Husky with hip dysplasia would cost more than a Labrador retriever that wasn't matted and has no structural issues simply because we have to take more time and energy and precautions and possibly have to groom over two sessions.
If your pet is aggressive or nervous,
or they're just very young or very old, it takes us longer because we take our time with situations like that so we have to charge accordingly.
if your dog is in great shape and is very easy to work with we can give you a better rate.
Full Grooming Cycle

No matter what the situation, we always try to perform everything you see in our Grooming Cycle. Whatever we see your pet needs we will attempt with your permission to get it done. Ultimately, what we care about is that you are happy and your pet looks great, feels great, and is healthy.

Lengthy Sessions

Grooming sessions can take 2 to 3 hours sometimes and it just wouldn't be humane to put any animal through all of that in one session. Especially if they are fully matted head to tail and require hours of clipper work which will for sure leave marks and make your pet very uncomfortable very unhappy and make us very sad.

Repeat Discount

So Pampered Paws has come up with a fair solution for all involved. Your first session is full price of course. If we have to come back the following day or the following week or month we offer a discount of 10%.

Groom Between Visits

To avoid these types of situations we highly recommend you, as the owner, groom between our visits. We are happy to show you how to groom and what tools you'll need. You would be surprised - it's not that much work and doesn't cost that much for you to do the maintenance.

Our Pet First Policy has been very successful and our customers are more than appreciative knowing that their pets are always receiving everything they need and can tolerate.
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