Services Offered

Please call John to get an accurate Quote.

Services Offered

Please call John to get an accurate quote.

Yes, we groom Cats and Dogs!

Because there are many variables unique to each pet and owner we suggest calling us for a personalized quote.

To request an accurate quote call John at 858-295-PAWS (7297)

Full Grooms include but not limited to ears, teeth, anal glands, bath, haircut and nails, paw care, flea treatment and lots of lOve. Whatever we see needed we give your pet.

Specialty cuts such as Lion Cuts or Dinosaur Cuts are always extra and often require two groomers. For an accurate quote please give us a call.

Some of our services include:
We have a Four Stage System for our De-Shedds. We are very thorough!
Flea and Tick Treatment
We will get the fleas off! You must use a preventive to keep them off.
Dental rinse and brushing
Regular treatment will normally show results.
Blueberry Facial
Highly recommended with Pugs and other brachycephalic dogs and cats.
Sanitary Trim / Sani-Trim
Required for almost every dog or cat. Normally we shave those private areas for hygienic reasons. Inform us if you would not like this service.
Every visit includes nail service. Please note: if your pet has issues with nails we are happy to help however it may take multiple visits to get the total job done. We will do our best to get it done on our visit but if it is causing too much distress to your pet we will end the session, and you will still be charged.
Using a cucumber based solution we clean ears for every pet.
Paw Pad Care
Using a rejuvenating wax called ?Mushers? we take great care in your dog or cats paws and nose. This wax heals cracked skin is a part of our Full Groom Package.

We provide much much more – please call to inquire!

Pampered Paws does doggy art too! We can paint your pet to look like a zebra or even a cheetah. Or perhaps you would like some pink nails on your maltipoo for Easter? We can do that too. Take a look at our yelp and Facebook pages to see some of our work.

Specialty printing is always done with pet-safe products of course.

For pets that require extra time due to behavioral issues or health-related concerns Pampered Paws has come up with a multiple visit system. Please see the Pet First Policy page. Additional costs will apply for these types of situations.

We don’t come out for just one service like just nails that would cost too much to bring the salon to your door for just one service. Often we find more is needed anyway so we only offer Full Grooms and additional services. If everything is not needed, we still must charge our minimum fees.

The Transformation

Please call John to get an exact Quote.

Please Call John to get an accurate quote
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Monnday - Friday: 8am - 4pm & Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 4pm